So as it turns out we are not going to close down the blog after all! To those of you who are subscribed to our feed still YAY!!! You should find a lil surprise popping up on your Blog roll 😄 To those of you who are just discovering GBOW then you are in for a treat. We do lots of cool stuff at our brick’n’mortar store located on the Sunshine coast of Powell River BC in the cozy lil town of Powell river. We have plans for this Blog! Oh we have plans!

So we are thinking that we are going to try to post at least twice a week with lots of WIP project pictures from classes and knitting groups. I know how I love to see whats in other peoples knitting bags! I’m a terrible snoop. So I figure good web content will be lots of eye candy as per what people are doing here… what we are making 😃 and what we are buying😃 Lots of drool worthy snap shots of gorgeous yarn! What could be better???

So tonight is the first night of our completely free just for fun knitting at night group from 6pm until 8pm at the shop on Marine. Hosted By Amy and Dierdre. The only rule is that you knit with yarn purchased at GBOW. Other than that… the worlds your oyster!!! You can do anything! Amy and Dierdre are here to help, host and inspire 😃 There will most likely be lots of laughter and fun going on. You never know. Sometimes people have even been known to bring snacks to theses shenanigans!  Things like Timbits are not unusual… I always have my big thermos of coffee along with me.

But mostly it’s about wool. Knitting wool. Drooling over wool. Adding to your stash. Admiring everyone around you and their knitting, wool and ever expanding stash! Its really fun.Its addicting even! Ok so no pictures of the night drop in for this one post but I will make another one tomorrow with picture of the shenanigans we get up to tonight… and so it begins… again. I hope you will enjoy our new/old Blog and come join us for free drop ins and great classes. 😘

I am going to leave you with this one picture of the Cowichan Style Toque that Roisin knit as an example for her class she is offering.

Its a one day wonder on Saturday October 21st from 10 am until 1pm. The class cost $25 and you will also need a $25 Toque supply kit. This class will teach you the basics of Cowichan style strand knitting and at the end you will have a beautiful hat all in one day! Come try it out! Here’s your eye candy for today 😉  TTFN