We're Happening!

Glad to be greeting you with our newly relaunched website.  It’s been a journey and we’re still working out glitches.  I’m learning so much more about my online store my brain is exploding.  It’s similar taking on a complicated knitting project pattern and having to rip it out 10 times.

Our store in Powell River is open daily (except Sunday) for the month of December.   Our going forward plans are to move some of our inventory and product to my studio in Lund (more on that in another blog) and keeping a Mini Store going in Powell River at our same location for now.

Staying open during Covid was(is) an on-going challenge.  We’ve ridden the roller coaster,  bounced around on the waves, ebbed and flowed with the tides, etc. etc.! now time for restructuring.

I’ll be working more through our website; doing zoom classes, tba.  If you’re having knitting issues, problems with your pattern or whatever, book an online consult with me right now.  You’ll find it in the drop down classes menu.  You have been coming to me for 11 years with knitting issues and I’ve yet to meet a problem I couldn’t solve.

Problems with our website?  Let me know, like I said, glitches being worked out.  Not all our product is online  yet, lots of pictures to upload and and and, but we’re getting there.

Looking forward to our continued connection, in person, online, we’re happening!  Lots of exciting new plans will be unfolding, stay tuned.