Well, that’s been a Very Long Break in blogging, hasn’t it? There’s been some illness, a lot of busyness, and life events intervening. 

Here, as a teaser, are a couple of photos of Roisin’s entries taken on April 22 at the 3rd annual Ecouture fashion show held this year at Dwight Hall….that’s a lot of people attending! The first show was held at the Rodmay in the central hallway….that’s how much interest has grown in this fabulous show. 
The rest of the beautiful photos–taken by Stephen Grover and Jennifer Dodd–are on Facebook at this link (scroll down to see the photo entries–all 350 of them!)

ECouture Fashion Show & Events

Carol modelling…she looks professional, doesn’t she?

And Phil with great grandson Robbie looking very handsome.