You may have received Roisin’s recent Happy New Year message via email–it’s below my words–and a very nice message it was too. But I want to take a moment to thank Roisin! Without her, there would be no Local Yarn Store, no Loopy Lounge, no lessons and classes, no fabulous yarns and notions–and it would be a lot harder to find other yarn and fibre lovers to hang out with. I am sure you have an inkling of just how much work goes into being the sole proprietor of a store, but I suspect it is even more effort and work than we imagine, combined with leaps of faith, large outlays of cash, and the equivalent of sailing without charts. So, Roisin, thank you for everything you do for us. 

Great Balls of Wool had a Great 2013, thanks to our fantastic customers/friends.
Looking forward to an even greater 2014.

ME & THREE –  Lynda, Carola, Brenda and I have fun sharing our multifaceted skills, experience, ideas, opinions with you in the store.  BlogMeister Alene keeps increasing traffic to our Blog and Carola does the same with our Facebook page.  Bookkeeper Kathleen helps us stay on track and local landscapers keep our front garden 
looking good.  YEAH Team!

Good 2014 News – NO price increases and some price decreases.
Sunday openings (some) with Loopy Loungers Sunday afternoons.
Class list coming out shortly, as well as a First Dibs Club date with a fun competition, and I will be volunteering time to teach knitting to young mums.  This brings us to our “FREE FOR ALL” Thursdays, from 1- 3 pm. in the Loopy Lounge. 

Every Thursday from 1-3 pm I (Roisin) will be available for Free Help.
We’ll have a donation box so you can contribute to our free classes for young mums.  Bring your problems, issues, projects, whatever you have that you need help with. Any yarn, any project.  And/ Or, if you wish to donate your Helping Skills, come and help out.  The more the merrier.

More info forthcoming through e-mail, the blog and facebook pages.

p.s. Humble apologies to our friends/customers who dropped by on New Year’s Eve and we were CLOSED!!  We hereby PROMISE to be open this coming New Year’s Eve – we’ll have a ‘Knit-a-Thon’ – Think you’ll stay awake????  I probably won’t.
See you soon,
in Gratitude, Roisin