Hey everyone 😁 Things at the new shop are coming together really well! Lots of great feedback 😀 People love the new location and lots of people have been by to have a looks and see what things look like! Thanks to everyone who has taken the time out of their busy days to come by and say HI! We love to hear from you. 
So today I thought I would write about the new sweater that everyone is making 😃 It’s a variation on a Purl Soho pattern and we are calling it the Willingdon Beach Sweater. Each one is so different from the last you would not believe they are all the same sweater! Everyone has different taste and a different body shape but this sweater has fit and look great on every single person who has tried it on. We encourage people to try on the sample sweater that Roisin made up to see how it fits and then Roisin can tell you what size would be best for you to make. People are changing the pattern to suit themselves also so all the sweaters are very unique. Some people want it longer, some want it over sized while others want it to fit quite close. A couple people are changing the neck to suit their personal taste. Others are changing the sleeve length. What ever alteration to the pattern you might like to make Roisin can walk you through it. 
So the original is in the window of the shop. You can see it in the photo above. It is the very largest size. It fits everyone though. It really does you would be surprised. The first example I have to show you is below here and it is Patti Newbury in her sweater. She is the first to finish and is modeling it for you to see here. She made it in Noro around the yoke and Diamond Tradition in the body. You can see one of Adam Crambs paintings in the background. We noticed how the colors of the sweater and the colors of his art were very complimentary. We have matched a many paintings here to complimentary pieces of knitting 😄
This next one below is a new one that Roisin is knitting for herself this time rather than for the shop and it`s knit out of Linen. It is super gorgeous so far. Everyone who sees it loves it. It will be the first summer weight sweater in this pattern. I`m loving this pattern so much I`m thinking of doing abnother one right away after I finish the one I’m currently working on. After seeing Roisin`s Linen one I am seriously considering doing a summer weight sweater in the green linen in this line of yarns. It is a Katia yarn called Linda. Very beautiful. We have three colors of it.
This is Tiana`s variation on the Willingdon Beach sweater. Tiana is just amazing. She is an accomplished crocheter who has just started to come here to learn to knit on Friday and Saturday drop in HELP! days and has just been doing fantastic! On her first day she knit a hat. She came in to her second drop in and had taught herself Brioche stitch using Youtube. And for her third project… the Willindon Beach Sweater. We are all very impressed by her work. You can see the colors she chose in the photo below. The wool is called Merisoft.
Next is Maria`s sweater. Hers is going to be made entirely out of Malabrigo! I belive the color way is called Polermo. But she bought all we had left in this colorway for her sweater so I can`t look quickly at the shelf to check… It`s it glorious! It is going to be soooo soft. Everyone who is knitting with the Malabrigo has been commenting on how soft it is. People are saying it is so soft it feels like silk or cotton rather than what you would commonly think of as the feel of wool. That`s because it is 100% Merino. Merino is named after the breed of sheep it comes from and is the softest wool you can get. This is because the wool has a very fine “Denier“ which is the technical name for the measurement of the thickness of each individual fiber. Merino has very fine individual fibers that are very soft. It also felts very easily. However the line of Malabrigo in this sweater is Rios and it is superwash which means it is entirely machine washable. You would still want to block it to dry though. Although technically it should be safe to go through the dryer… it might come out a different shape than it would if you block it.
Ok so this is my one. As you can see I have finished the body now and have just picked up the stitches for the sleeves. Roisin teaches this method of doing sleeves. It is basically the same method that we teach for the Sockista Sock Knitting Method. As you can see the method is very versatile and can be used for much more than just knitting socks! Here I will be using it to knit two sleeves from the top down including decreases and when I am finished I will have knit both sleeves at the same time so they will be identical in every way except color should I choose to add different color design elements to my sleeves as I go. I will be doing this actually so that my resulting sleeves will have different color striping effects in them. Why be matchy matchy when there are so many possibilities. 😊
Last but never least I would like to share a progress update on Amanda`s sweater. 😀 She is not knitting the same pattern as the rest of the sweaters I showed you today. She is knitting a pattern that came strait from Roisin`s head and has no actual name. We will call it “Easy Top Down Sweater Pattern“ This is Amanda`s first project and she is doing Amazing!!! She really is. It`s going to be a child sized sweater. It is soooo gorgeous. It is knit out of Foot Loose %100 Merino sock yarn. So it is a fine knit too. Not an easy first project at all. So she really is doing so well. Roisin is a great teacher. She can really teach anything you might want to learn and has a great sense of color and drape. 
Ok so that is about it for today! Hope you enjoyed this little peak at all the different Willingdon Beach Sweaters coming out of GBOW the last little while. This isn’t even all the different colors and styles. I will have to do another post on this sweater I am sure. Once people start getting their sweaters finished and I can show you all the different design elements people are modifying this sweater to have. It would be great to get a photo of all the different Ladies wearing their sweaters at some point in the future😃
You are welcome to come in and try on the sample sweater at any time if you think you might be interested in making it.
Hope to see you soon!
Until then
💖Happy Knitting!💖